Mustang Trek - 14 days

mustang trek
MUSTANG, describe as barren or desolate, the beauty emanating from this rain shade region of Middle Himalayas is of completely different presentation. Mustang was closed for some time because of a guerrilla war that was waged along the border of Tibet and because of the ecological sensitivity of the region and also to protect the ancient culture and tradition. Re-opened only since 1992, to organized groups by obtaining special permission from the Ministry of Tourism., Mustang implies the area of Nepal that extends like a thumb into Tibet. A vast expanse of open spaces with towering rock formation dominate Mustang's region. Our trek offers you a special opportunity to explore this incredible topography with an almost treeless barren landscape and countryside similar to the Tibetan plateau, which is rich in ancient tradition and mythology.

The people here are Tibetan in origin and their way of life and spoken language reflect this ancestral lineage. In lower Mustang the hills tend to be great, red fluted cliffs accompanied by the beautiful valley of Kali Gandaki river, that flows all the way from Tibet and a spectacular panorama of the massif Annapurna and Dhaulagiri range rising behind. While upper Mustang offers an endless expanse of yellow and Grey rolling hills, denudation by the wind, which is prevalent in this region, the views that you will catch here is simply breathtaking and astonishing. Crossing the lonely landscape with several passes (the highest being the Nyi La at 3990m), villages appear in the distance as tiny green oases nestled within the valley's only grove of trees or looming as fortresses preached on rocky crags, leads us to the spectacular walled town of Lo-Mangthang. Visually extraordinary place, home of the Mustang Raja (King) and full of beautiful temples and Monasteries.
The people of Upper Mustang "Lobas" are always curios about new arrivals and the children with scary wind blow hair and apple red cheeks will gather to confront the spectacle of foreign visitors in town. The abrasive lifestyle required to survive is easily evident here. Overall, Mustang involves a wilderness of huge proportions and offers a truly exceptional experience.

Mustang lies on the western region of Nepal. Here you can see the traditional Tibetan culture & Silver Mountain views which is the unforgettable moments in your life. The treks began from a beauty queen city Pohkara & again end with the same city. Mustang?s peoples has own King ( Mustange Raja) who can handle all the formalities in side the Mustang region. The King & his assistances provide all the services to the peoples of Mustang as a mustang region government. Even they can provide the legal assistance to the peoples of Mustang regarding any kind of cases.

Therefore finally you can have the mixed experiences during the 14 days mustang trek. ATE tries to provide you best services in the industry. We can?t say we are the best trek operator but you can comment after finishing your trek to Mustang.

You have breakfast being of the early morning before 7:00 AM. This morning you will be drive to Pokhara (200km) the road mostly follow the trisuli river, depart 7:00 AM in the morning, approximately 6 hrs away by tourist bus. Along the drive you see beautiful scenery. You will be arrive late afternoon at Pokhara with enough time to enjoy the colorful town of Pokhara. O/N stay in Pokhara or you can fly to Pokhara & enjoy the afternoon time around the city.

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