Muktinath Temple

Everest base camp

The famous temple of Muktinath lies in the district of Mustang and is situated 18 kilometers north east of Jomsom at an altitude of about 3810 meters. The temple is situated on a high mountain range and is accessible during fair weather. The visitors get lodging facilities at Dharmasala and Maharani Pouwa

Muktinath is a sacred and a pilgrimage site for both Hindu and Buddhists. The local name of Muktinath is Chuming Gyatsa, which means hundred springs. The traditional caretakers of this monastery are Tibetan Buddhist nuns. You will see Tibetan traders as well as Sadhus from the far south of India paying homage to Buddha at this place. The place is great for meditation therefore most of the hermits remain here for years. The shrine is situated in a grove of trees and among others it includes a Buddhist monastery and the Jwala Mai temple, which contain a spring, and an eternal flame fed by natural gas underground. It is the earth-water-fire combination that accounts for Muktinath's great religious significance. Set into the walls around is 108 waterspouts from which pour holy water. For the Buddhists, Muktinath is a place of Dakinis, goddess known as sky dancers and Lord Padmasambhava. Its importance in Buddhism increases because of the fact that Chuming Gyatsa is one of the 24 Tantrik places.

Access to Muktinath : There are two ways to get to Muktinath from Kathmandu. You may either take a direct flight from Kathmandu via Pokhara to Jomsom and hike for 6-8 hours via Kagbeni or trek all the way from Pokhara, which takes 7-8 days.

Accommodation : There are enough Hotels and lodges near by Muktinath in Jharkot and Ranipauwa. The Hotels and lodges are fine there. Some Hotels have solar heated hot showers and provide rooms with attached bath. Also local restaurant are available there. They provide good food. For Hindu pilgrims there are also free Dharamsalas.

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