Lhakpa Ri Expedition (7,045m)

Lhakp Ri Mountain is the recently becoming well-known expedition in Tibet. Lots of climbers have been attracted to climb this Mountain through the Tibet side. It is very close to Mount Everest and you feels as alike to be climbed Mount Everest at that moment when you will get in touch with the top of this mountain. It was first climb by George Mallory who was on his way to the Everest research in 1921.Bill Tilman made the second ascent during his Everest exploration in 1936. The Third ascent made by French Everest Summiteers Michelle Pelle in 1988. The Fourth ascent by Ken Mc Connell in 1991. The present expedition teams are also using these same routes as the previous four expedition teams had used in the past.

The Expedition starts from Kathmandu- Zhangmu-Nyalam-Tingri and Everest Base Camp (Lhakpa Ri Base camp) 5200m. After that you have to spend a few days for acclimatization. After this base camp, you should start your expedition ahead towards the Middle camp 5780m, with the preparation of loading yaks and expedition crews. Then you have to take a night

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