Bhutan Information

Bhutan Information

Bhutan is famously known as Druk Yul to its Buddhist majority as well as The Kingdom of the Peaceful Dragon. Bhutan stand alone as a nation unsullied and unconquered at the heart of the mighty Asia.

The people are known as "Drukpas" and are kind and gentle in nature and have extended full hospitality to eager visitors since the very beginning they started arriving in Bhutan. Bhutan has a lot to offer and those that have ventured into Bhutan have left with memories and experiences to be cherished forever.

With history which is as old as time, an environment which is blessed with one of the most diversified eco-systems in the World, a culture which is unique and dates back to the early civilizations, its inhabitants known for their simplicity of life and warm hospitality, Bhutan is regarded as the only surviving nation where Mahayana Buddhism is put into practice in the daily lives. Buddhism has a powerful influence on Bhutanese society as a whole. The Monarch, the Precious Dragon Leader as regarded by the subjects has initiated and conceptualized a unique and a holistic development philosophy, called Gross National Happiness.

Language: - The Tibetan language is generally classified as a Tibeto-Burman language of the Sino-Tibetan language family although the boundaries between 'Tibetan' and certain other Himalayan languages can be unclear.

History:- The general history of Tibet begins with the rule of Songts

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Bhutan Information

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