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We are a professional for Guides and Porters who have worked in the Himalaya for many years. During our experience in the Himalaya we have discovered that often the correct information about Nepal, its history, culture and other important details are lacking in the Travel Industry. Many visitors who come to Nepal have indicated this to us through our regular surveys. Our main vision, aside from providing excellent services in trekking, is to provide our clients with as much accurate information about the people of Nepal, Religion, Culture and the country itself as possible. Our Guides are experienced and are highly skilled in all aspects of Tourism and trekking. All of our Guides have a Government License Holder, which you will see displayed in our office. Training undertaken by each Guide addresses such issues as, First Aid, Eco Trekking and Tourism, Altitude/Mountain Sickness and how to deal with it, and Rescue Protocol. The Guides employed by the Skyline Trekking Company are people with a proven track record of honesty and personal integrity. Our Guides speak excellent English as well as other languages including Italy, German, Spanish, French, Japanese and others. All of our Staff have a vast knowledge of local culture, Hinduism, Buddhism and are keen to share their knowledge with our clients. They will also share with you less well known facts about our country, Nepal.

Our Guide will invite you to a special briefing each evening about your program for the next days activities. This will include the likely distance to be traveled, points of interest to look out for along the way, and all other relevant details. A great time to ask questions and discuss your day too.

We provide a basic Medical Kit to each Guide which includes items commonly needed during trekking. Some of these items are Bandages, Analgesics (painkillers) and Antiseptic etc.

Our Guides are committed to trekking in a way that does no harm to the local environment. For instance, they do not create shortcuts by trampling through areas with no trail, and are careful to leave all areas visited in the same or better condition as they were found.

They will manage all the practical aspects of your trek, including ensuring your comfort and privacy for your night

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