Karnali river Rafting

karnali river rafting

Karnali River, the largest and longest river in Nepal considered as one of the best rafting trips in the world. Karnali River, known as Ghaghara in India, literally means ' holy water from the sacred mountain'. The river is ideal for long rafting trips. The lowland trek joining strength with few impressive canyons makes Karnali an unforgettable river rafting trip in Nepal. While kayaking in the river one passes amidst dense forests and picturesque natural beauty. From the frontier town of Surkhet there is an unique and lovely two-day trek through lowland Sal forest to the village of Saul in the seldom seen area of far West Nepal. From Sauli its 180-kms to the nest road access at Chisopani, on the northern border of the Bardia National Park. The river section takes about seven days, giving plenty of time to explore some of the side canyons and waterfalls, which come into the river valley. For 180 kilometers we won't see a single sign of the modern world. It's one of the last places in Nepal that you can see old growth forest and have a real chance of seeing Nepal's wildlife.

Highlights of the rafting
  • Explore the best and longest whitewater rafting adventure trip in the world
  • Short trekking experience before rafting
  • 7 km long gorge
  • Begins its life near to Tibet

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